How Do We Operate will support the client in choosing the most appropriate model for supporting its SAP systems based on different criteria. For each model, the optimal combination of onshore and offshore capabilities will need to be considered.


  • Model

  • Location

  • Benefit

  • Commercial Arrangement

  • When to Adopt?

  • DELit resources under client direction and supervision

  • Onshore and nearshore

  • Quick ramp-up suitable to handle fast turnaround jobs and filling skill gaps in existing client teams value improvement
  • Fixed fee for fixed capacity or T&M
  • For anticipated fluctuations in demand, when requirements are not clearly defined, etc.


  • DELit and client jointly responsible for plan and deliverables
  • Onshore and nearshore

  • Cost savings from leveraging joint capabilities plus DELit's accountability and scalability

  • Fixed fee for fixed capacity or T&M or service level based
  • For offloading non-strategic functions


  • DELit responsible for deliverables but working in collaboration with client
  • Client coordination team onsite, rest of the team works remotely

  • Cost savings from leveraging DELit model and accountability for service levels

  • Fee for service level

  • To reduce cost and improve service to the business


  • DELit assume work under custodial responsibility of applications
  • Client coordination team on-site, the rest of the team works remotely
  • Cost savings from leveraging DELit’s accountability for service level and incentives for continued
  • Fee for service level plus or incentives for driven value
  • To drive incremental improvement in the achievement of business

STANDARDIZED APPROACH have a standardized approach for implementing and managing an SAP support organization. This approach contains the following features:

  • Organized through different dimensions
    IT Service Management, Value Management, Organizational Change Management, Technology, Project Management and Quality Management.

  • Making use of a standard approach for support organization implementation
    For each of the above disciplines, has a toolset available to guarantee a fast and efficient implementation.

  • Process oriented’s process oriented approach is based on industry best practices such as CMMI, COBIT and ITIL.

  • Based on standardized roles and responsibilities
    Clear and comprehensive descriptions of the multiple roles and responsibilities of an SAP support organization are readily available.