Own Developments and Enhancements

Cross applications time sheets delivered easy / CATS

Short description of the service.

SAP BW Data Warehouse Interface

SAP BW Interface to 3rd Party Data Warehousing applications.

Mobility Enablement Through SAP BI

The easiest way to expose your SAP Platform data to mobile apps is via ODATA Rest API. Could not be easier then directly secure they generation through BEx or Web Intelligence query and let them directly consume by mobile device applications.

Real Time Analytics Using SLT and SAP HANA

Real time or close real time reporting using SAP BW SLT and SAP HANA.

Visualize Your SAP Data

Using SAP Business intelligence tools we can unlock real power of your ERP data. As hoc reporting is not any longer domain of IT departments.

Digitally Sign Any Document from SAP Directly

Extend your SAP system capabilities by digitally signing your documents from SAP NetWeaver platform directly.

Generic PM Interface Framework

Fully customizable bidirectional interface based on file, RFC, web service/oData or SAP PI proxy allowing SAP Plant Maintenance and Field service objects processing from any third Party filed service application) .

Easy Time Entry

Fully customizable interface based on file, RFC, web service/oData or SAP PI proxy allowing SAP cross application time sheets processing (e.g. MS Project EPM -> SAP for resource related billing, Smart Outage, Workforce, etc.).

Digital Signatures in SAP Solution Manager

Digital signatures incorporation into SAP Solution Manager allowing approvals or task automation integrated with SSO.

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